Get in on one of the most exciting aerobic exercises in the health clubs today. This revolutionary product includes an energetic and challenging workout video designed specifically for this bike. Direct drive bikes use direct drive resistance systems. This means that the flywheel spins both forward and backward. Unlike road bikes, the flywheel does not continue to spin if the rider stops pedaling. The rider slows the flywheel and controls the tension with a "click-stop" brake lever. A two way adjustable seat post allows for a more complete and versatile exercise routine. This seat system was specifically designed for easy movement horizontally and vertically while mounted on the bike during the workout. Forward positioned handlebars and racing style pedals give the Revolution Cycle Pro a road bike feel. Comes completely assembled in the shipping carton.


For health club use.

  1. Complete workout video included.

  2. This is a direct drive system that allows the user to pedal either forward or backward during the workout. The user must use the "click stop" brake lever to slow the flywheel speed before changing direction or stopping.

  3. Five position "click stop" thumb shifter allows the user to regulate the workout intensity as well as stop the flywheel motion. It allows resistance levels for beginners through advanced users.

  4. Solid, durable and dependable. With 38 lb balanced flywheel.

  5. Completely assembled in the shipping carton.

  6. The Revolution Club Cycle is bio-mechanically efficient. Adjustments in saddle height and fore-aft seat position can be made while the user is mounted during the workout.

  7. Chrome finish allows the saddle to drop down and out of the way to work the inner thigh. Also allows for additional leg work when working off the back of the bike.

  8. Welded handlebar and heavy-duty brake pad resistance system. This cycle comes completely assembled with welded frame and handlebar. No other cycle is more solid or stable.

  9. The resistance system features oversize, center-pull brake pads controlled by five position, "click stop" lever located conveniently near the handlebar.

  10. Lock your feet into toe clips and pedals made of the same tough, engineered resin used in "off-road racing". Entire belt drive is totally enclosed in a durable drive guard.

STOCK No. 98622

  1. SHIPPING WEIGHT: 115lbs.

  2. 26.1 CUBIC FEET

  3. SET UP DIMENSIONS: 49.2"L x 19.7"W x 40.2"H

  4. CARTON DIMENSIONS: 47" x 19.7" x 50"


  6. UPC: 667725 98622 6




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