Below is the details of the high-end features built into the Phoenix 98835 Motorized folding treadmill. This machine represents an ultimate solution for anyone looking for a cost-effective, space-saving treadmill.

Dual-Stage, Soft Drop Folding  - Phoenix 98835 treadmill has gas shock-assist lift, which can gently tilt the deck into position and wheel it away for storage. There is no hassle for hoisting and heaving to fold. Use the convenient foot-operated lever to lower it softly back into place with and it's ready again for use!

Patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption System - The patented suspension running deck is proven to lessen the impact of walking and running. The entire running deck and frame is suspended on two pivots. This will increase cushioning and reduce harmful impact on your hips, back, ankles and knees.

20" x 55" Whisper Weave Treadbelt - Phoenix 98835 Motorized Folding Treadmill is equipped with "Whisper Weave technology" which helps make Phoenix treadmills as quiet and smooth operated as possible. The running surface is wide and comfortable to exercise. Running treadmills are often noisy, but not on Phoenix 98835's.

Powerful, yet Quiet 2.5 HP Motor - Built for long life and complete silence. Engineered with an advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit board, the Phoenix 98835 motorized treadmill operates noise-free. Optical speed sensors working in conjunction with the PWM ensure smooth speed changes, plus dual motor fans extend the life of your treadmill.

Oversized LCD Console - Intuitive, interactive LCD console lets you monitor your speed, incline, distance, calories, time and pulse simultaneously.

Heart Rate Control - Through programmed settings, the heart rate monitor automatically adjusts the intensity of your workouts according to the reading on the ergonomically-positioned grip pulse monitor.

Superior Stability - Most of the light weight, discount treadmills rock and sway during brisk walks or runs. Thanks to the heavy weight of the Phoenix 98835, you'll enjoy the same smooth, shake-free performance normally found on health club treadmills.

Nine Storable User Profiles - Up to nine people can save age, weight and target heart rate information for instant access. This tool comes in particularly handy for  multiple treadmill users. There is no need to key in your personal settings before every treadmill workout.


  1. Motor: 2.5 HP Continuous Duty

  2. Speed Range: 0.5-10 mph

  3. Incline Levels: 0-15

  4. Walking Surface: 20" x 55"

  5. Belt thickness: 1.6 mm / 2-Ply

  6. Display: Oversized LCD showing speed, time, distance, incline, calories burned and heart rate.

  7. Six Challenging Preset Exercise Programs: Manual, Interval Incline, Interval Speed, Weight Loss, 5K Self-Learning/Competition, Heart Rate Control.

  8. Transport Wheels: Yes

  9. Rollers: Non-slip large 2" crowned rollers extend the life of the belt, deck and bearings.

  10. Set Up Dimensions: 75" L x 36" W x 61" H (open); 48" L x 36" W x 64" H (folded)

  11. Carton Dimensions: 79'' L x38" W x15" H

  12. Weight: 218 lbs.

  13. Max User Weight: 275 lbs.

  14. Frame: Heavy-Gauge Welded Steel

  15. Power Supply: AC 110V Input

  16. Warranty: 5 Years on frame and 1 Year on motor, controller board, electronics, and 90 days for all other parts.

  17. Color: GRAY SILVER

  18. Minimal Assembly Required.


To help reach your exercise goals, Phoenix 98835 Motorized Treadmill is designed with six programs for you to choose from. This will enhance your interest and provide variety/diversity to your workouts!!

Choose a different program with every session to keep your body and mind refreshed. Each program is customizable to meet your own personal fitness level:

  1. P1: Manual - You can alter the speed or incline at your preference at anytime during the workout for a customizable routine.

  2. P2: Interval Incline - Interval training allows you to alternate between pumping up the heart and catching your breath. Choose a workout level from 1 through 9. The higher the level, the higher the incline levels during the workout. The Time LCD shows a preset workout time of 24 minutes, which can be adjusted higher or lower in four-minute segments. Incline is changed automatically every two minutes during the workout.

  3. P3: Interval Speed - Just like the Interval Incline program, only you optimize your treadmill workout through a variation of speed.

  4. P4: Weight Loss This program combines variations in both the speed and incline to provide the maximum results in weight loss and calories burned. The user chooses a workout intensity level between 1 and 9. The Time LCD shows a pre-set workout time of 24 minutes; which can be adjusted higher or lower in five-minute increments. Both speed and incline will change during the workout; the minimum speed/incline segments last two minutes, and the maximum speed/incline segments last three minutes. For example: at Level 1, speed varies from 1.6 mph to 2.8 mph while incline ranges from 0 to 3; Level 9 speed varies from 3.2 mph to 4.4 mph while incline ranges from 3 to 11.

  5. P5: 5K Self-Learning/Competition - The Distance LCD will show 3.1 miles or 5 km. For new users, there is a preset speed (2 mph) and incline level program in the computer. You can change the speed and incline levels during your workout. After the distance has counted down to zero, the program goes into a cool-down phase.

  6. P6: Heart Rate Control - This program is set up to keep the user's pulse between 65% of the maximum heart rate and 85% of the maximum heart rate. This will give the user the most effective workout for his or her fitness level. This program begins with a 3-minute warm up to get your pulse to reach 65% of your maximum heart rate. When that is reached, the Heart Rate Control program will kick in to get your pulse to 85% of the maximum heart rate. After the time counts down to zero, a cool-down phase will finish off this complete cardio program.

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