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        Benches & Gyms

            98220    MB220 Power Bench

            98221    Arm Curl for 98220

            98222    Lat Tower and Bar for 98220

            99225    225 Power Bench Mid Width

            99226    Power Pro Olympic Bench

            99250    Multipurpose Decline Bench

            99255    Adjustable Slant Board

            99403    Power Stand II

        Mini Steppers

            98107P  Phoenix Dual Action Mini Stepper

            99120P  Phoenix Mini-stepper Plus

        Exercise Bikes

            98622    Revolution Cycle Pro

            98623    Revolution Cycle Pro II

            98663    EMB63 Bio Cycle

            98665    Phoenix Bio Cycle II

            99605    605 Upright Magnetic Bike

            99607    607 Mag Trac Upright Bike

            99608    Magnetic Recumbent Bike


            98900    MB900 Power Rower


            98007     MT007 Easy-up Motorized Treadmill

            98510P  Easy-up 510 Manual Treadmill

            98516    Easy-up 516 Manual Treadmill

            98834    MT834 Easy-up Motorized Treadmill Motion Control

            98835    MT835 Motorized Folding Treadmill

            98836    Phoenix Easy-up Motorized Treadmill

        Workout Shorts

            9811X    Phoenix Workout Shorts - all sizes

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